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    Twitter Bug Temporarily Restores Legacy Blue Check When Updating Bio

    The Blue Check Bug on Twitter

    There is currently a bug on Twitter that allows legacy blue check holders to briefly regain their badge of (dis)honor when they update their bio. It doesn’t seem to matter what text is added to the bio; even adding a few spaces can cause the blue check to reappear momentarily.

    The blue check shows up with the old text indicating that the user is “notable in government, news, entertainment, or another designated category.” However, once the page is refreshed, the blue check disappears. It’s unclear whether anyone else can see the check reappear during this brief moment.

    Possible Cause of the Bug

    Twitter still has code that differentiates between legacy verified users and Blue verified users. This bug could be caused by a glitch involving those internal designations. However, it’s difficult to know for sure, as Twitter has not provided any official information regarding the issue.

    Chaos Reigns on Twitter

    With the blue check bug causing temporary confusion on the platform, users might wonder about the current state of Twitter’s coding. The social media giant has faced some criticism after laying off a significant portion of its staff, which may have contributed to issues like this one.

    As Twitter’s legacy blue check mark era comes to an end, it’s essential for the platform to address these coding glitches and ensure a smoother user experience. For now, users should be aware that the temporary blue check restoration is a bug and not an intentional change.

    What to Do if You Encounter the Bug

    If you happen to be a legacy blue check holder and notice the temporary blue check restoration when updating your bio, there’s no need to panic. Simply refresh the page, and the check should disappear. Keep in mind that it’s uncertain if other users can see the check during its brief reappearance, so it’s best to avoid any unnecessary confusion by refreshing your profile page promptly.

    As an avid Twitter user, stay informed about the latest developments and potential issues on the platform to ensure a seamless social media experience.

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