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    Experience Exceptional Call Clarity with iPhone’s New Feature

    Crystal-Clear Conversations with iOS 16.4's Voice Isolation

    Apple has launched the newest iteration of its operating system, iOS 16.4, now accessible on all compatible iPhones. This update offers a variety of innovative features, such as additional emojis, enhanced crash detection, and Weather app updates that support voiceover.

    Users can also benefit from push notifications for Safari and an upgraded podcast interface. One outstanding feature is the superior call quality, delivering crystal-clear conversations during phone calls.

    The secret to this improved call quality is the Voice Isolation feature for cellular calls, which becomes available after updating to iOS 16.4. In the past, this feature was restricted to VoIP calls made through apps like FaceTime and WhatsApp.

    Similar to active noise cancellation in some earbuds, Voice Isolation filters out ambient noise detected by the iPhone’s microphone during a call, ensuring that only the speaker’s voice reaches the other person. With this new feature, iPhone users can expect clearer and uninterrupted discussions.

    To utilize the Voice Isolation feature, you need to have an iPhone SE (2020) or a newer model. In this article, we provide a step-by-step guide on activating this helpful feature in the latest iOS 16.4 update.

    Activating Voice Isolation on iPhone with iOS 16.4: Please note that Voice Isolation cannot be enabled directly through the iPhone’s Settings menu. Once activated for a call, the feature is automatically enabled for future calls, eliminating the need for repeated activation.

    The process is simple and user-friendly, allowing iPhone users to easily enjoy this new and valuable feature.

    Wide Spectrum Audio: In addition to Voice Isolation, Apple has introduced Wide Spectrum audio for FaceTime calls. This feature captures a broad array of sounds, including ambient noises and background music, perfect for users who want to share their entire audio environment with the person on the other end of the call.

    While Wide Spectrum audio is not currently available for regular phone calls, the mention in iOS 16.4 that the feature is “currently unavailable” implies that it may be extended to the Phone app in the future.

    To disable Voice Isolation once activated, follow the same steps, but change the call quality back to Standard in the Mic Mode menu.

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