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    Google Cloud & Salesforce Join Forces: A New Dawn in AI Offerings

    In a powerful collaboration poised to shape the future of AI in business, Google Cloud and Salesforce have announced a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing data utilization and artificial intelligence offerings. This unprecedented alliance has the potential to revolutionize how companies predict their customer’s needs through an effective blend of data and custom machine learning models.

    Expanding Horizons: Integrating Google BigQuery and Vertex AI

    The integration between the two tech giants encompasses a variety of services, such as Google’s BigQuery tooling and Vertex AI, Google’s fully managed AI platform, along with Salesforce’s CRM tools. Salesforce’s Chief Product Officer, David Schmaier, voiced his excitement about the partnership’s potential to democratize AI, providing customers with the power to choose which AI tools they want to utilize.

    This partnership marks the second major alliance between Google and Salesforce, building upon the successful data analytics-focused partnership forged in 2017. Over time, the original agreement has expanded, leading to deepened data sharing collaborations and AI-enhanced customer service and marketing tools.

    The partnership of Google Cloud and Salesforce aiming to enhance AI offerings.

    Salesforce’s Journey: Transforming into a Data Company

    The partnership also aligns seamlessly with Salesforce’s ongoing transformation into a “data company”. Over recent months, Salesforce has introduced an array of new generative AI tools, such as EinsteinGPT, an AI assistant designed to manage customer relationship tasks like drafting emails, and Einstein Answers, designed to respond to natural language questions about a company’s Slack content, servers, and channels.

    Google’s Strategic Move: Boosting its Data Analytics and AI Services

    For Google, the rejuvenated partnership with Salesforce offers a significant boost for its big data analytics and AI services. With Salesforce’s considerable customer base of over 150,000 organizations, Google Cloud is primed to increase its influence in the AI landscape. Google Cloud’s CEO, Thomas Kurian, believes this partnership will unify two vast data ecosystems, simplifying processes for customers to extract value from their data.

    Promising Outcomes: Unifying Customer Profiles

    As a result of the new strategic partnership, Google and Salesforce plan to launch an integration between Data Cloud and BigQuery. This integration aims to enable companies to create unified profiles of customers more efficiently. Coupled with new connectors between Data Cloud and Vertex AI, companies can now streamline their model development process by training and retraining AI models using customer data from Salesforce.

    The Road Ahead: AI in Action

    Imagine a fashion retailer that could analyze customer purchase history, service interactions, and social media sentiment, deploying a custom AI model to predict a customer’s likelihood of purchasing specific types of clothing. Or a financial institution that could combine CRM and non-CRM data with an AI model to anticipate a customer’s spending habits and investment preferences. These are just some of the powerful applications that the Google Cloud Salesforce AI partnership can unlock.

    The partnership seeks to enhance productivity, efficiency, and decision-making capabilities by integrating more sophisticated and rich AI models. Google and Salesforce have projected the Data Cloud and Google Vertex AI integration pilot to start in July 2023, with general availability in October 2023. As for the Data Cloud and BigQuery integration, the pilot is expected to start in October 2023, with general availability in February 2024.

    In summary, the dynamic partnership between Google Cloud and Salesforce holds incredible promise for the future of AI in business. As we venture further into this new era of data and AI integration, the potential for enhanced efficiency and more informed decision-making is beyond measure. Companies willing to embrace this wave of AI-driven transformations are set to reap remarkable benefits, further underscoring the critical importance of this Google Cloud Salesforce AI partnership. Stay tuned to see how this collaboration reshapes the business landscape in the years to come.

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