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    Get Ready for Monster Hunter Now: A Thrilling AR Mobile Game Experience

    Niantic & CAPCOM Team Up for an Action-Packed Adventure

    If you’ve been on the lookout for an exciting new mobile game, the wait is almost over! Niantic, the developer behind Pokémon GO, has joined forces with Capcom to bring you Monster Hunter Now, a simplified yet authentic augmented reality mobile game. Set to release in September 2023 on both iOS and Android devices, this game promises to deliver a thrilling and immersive experience for Action RPG fans.

    Monster Hunter Now: Gameplay Mechanics and Features

    Monster Hunter Now follows in the footsteps of Niantic’s other successful AR mobile games, such as Pokémon GO and Pikmin Bloom. The game will be free to download and play, with in-app purchases available to enhance your gaming experience and support the app’s development.

    When it comes to combat, Monster Hunter Now offers a streamlined experience. Players can utilize taps and swipes on the touchscreen to fight battles in either portrait mode (one-handed) or landscape mode (for a more console-like experience). With a maximum battle time of just 75 seconds, this game is perfect for on-the-go play.

    As you progress through Monster Hunter Now, you’ll earn resources and monster parts as rewards, which you can use to upgrade your gear and strengthen your character. This focus on gear and character progression is a key feature of the Monster Hunter series, and it’s been adapted for mobile devices in this new game.

    Integration with Real-World Environments

    Niantic’s expertise in creating immersive AR experiences shines through in Monster Hunter Now. The game divides the real-world environment into distinct ecological zones, each with its own set of monsters and materials waiting to be discovered. Niantic’s wayspots serve as resource-gathering points for players, encouraging exploration and interaction with your local environment.

    In addition to exploring your surroundings, you can make use of the “Paintball” item, which allows you to tag monsters encountered in the real world and hunt them at home or with friends. The game also features Palico companions, adorable feline-like creatures that automatically tag monsters with paintballs even when the app isn’t in use.

    Beta Test and Release

    Eager to get your hands on Monster Hunter Now? You’re in luck! Niantic is currently accepting registrations for the game’s beta test, which starts on April 25. Successful testing will lead to the game’s official release in September 2023. Be sure to stay informed about any news or updates related to Monster Hunter Now, as more details may be revealed soon.

    With Niantic and CAPCOM joining forces, Monster Hunter Now is set to become a must-have game for AR enthusiasts and Action RPG fans alike. The combination of exciting gameplay, immersive real-world integration, and unique character progression makes this an adventure you won’t want to miss. Register for the beta test now and get ready for the hunt in September 2023!

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