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    Apple iOS 16.4 Update Potentially Disrupts HomeKit Functionality

    A significant number of Apple HomeKit users have encountered problems with crucial smart home features. This comes after a recent iOS update that appears to have caused wide-ranging disruptions.

    Apple’s latest iOS 16.4 update introduced an overhauled HomeKit framework. The new architecture was first launched in December but withdrawn after users found bugs that seriously impacted their smart home systems. Unfortunately, some of these issues seem to have persisted.

    Users have reported their struggles on platforms such as Apple’s Community Support forums, Twitter, and Reddit. One user described their experience on April 2nd, stating, “Since the iOS 16.4 release, I’ve noticed a decline in HomeKit connectivity, similar to what happened with iOS 15. Certain connected devices, like Eve light strips and myQ garage door hub, are almost always unreachable. I have to reset them to use them, but they only function for an hour or two before going offline again.”

    Another user confirmed experiencing similar difficulties. They shared, “After the update, my devices get stuck updating for extended periods,” and also mentioned connection issues and AirPlay trouble, among other concerns.

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