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    Explore the Web: 99 incredible Websites and Apps You Need to Know

    99 useful websites and web apps to assist in learning new skills and improving work efficiency.

    As vast as the internet seems, it is brimming with a plethora of websites and web apps, each with its unique uses and functionalities. Among these digital platforms, there are those that truly shine, offering ingenious solutions and delightful, innovative tools. Here’s a curated list of 99 incredible websites and web apps to revolutionize your digital journey.

    Archiving and Creating

    1. is a permanent bookmarking site that captures a webpage in its entirety for future reference.
    2. employs machine learning to convert your rough sketches into beautiful illustrations.

    Handy Digital Tools

    1. Test your internet speed swiftly and simply with
    2. Create high-quality presentations and broadcast to any audience size anywhere with

    Snaps and Dictations

    1. Capture high-resolution screenshots using
    2. uses Google Speech API for rapid and accurate voice recognition in your browser.

    Picture Matching and Character Copying

    1. finds similar images on the web based on your uploaded photo.
    2. allows you to copy special characters and emojis not available on your keyboard.

    Learning Code and Enhancing Focus

    1. Learn coding online with, one of the best platforms for budding programmers.
    2. Improve focus and boost productivity with ambient noises from

    Icon Collection and File Check

    1. Find millions of icons for various projects on
    2. Scan suspicious files or email attachments for viruses with

    Direct Answer Search and 3D World Exploration

    1. Get direct answers to your questions without extensive searching on
    2. Explore beautiful cities and landmarks in 3D from your browser comfort on

    Royalty-Free Image and Video Sources

    1. is the best place to download royalty-free images.
    2. is an online library of free HD videos you can use anywhere.

    Video Creation and Website Analysis

    1. Create impressive videos and branded stories for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube on
    2. Analyze your competitor’s website and discover their traffic sources with

    E-signatures and Time Conversion

    1. Digitally sign documents with legally binding e-signatures on
    2. presents a less confusing view of the world time zones

    Tools for Simplicity

    1. For your daily needs, offers a straightforward online timer.
    2. Generate random numbers, flip coins, and more with

    Advanced Photo Tools and Font Discovery

    1. can extract the background from any photograph without requiring Photoshop.
    2. Identify any font family from an image using

    Font Collection and Creation

    1. Access an extensive collection of open-source fonts without restrictions at
    2. Design and build your own fonts, and use them in any application with
    3. Convert your handwriting into a real font with

    EXIF Tools and Live Broadcasting

    1. Unearth hidden data in your photographs with
    2. Go live on the Internet without a complicated setup using

    Price Tracking and Home Design

    1. Monitor Amazon prices and get alerts when they drop with
    2. Design or remodel your home in 3D with

    PDF Editing and Diagram Creation

    1. Edit PDFs quickly in your browser without Adobe Acrobat via
    2. Create diagrams, wireframes, and flowcharts in your browser using

    Video Calls and Text Recognition

    1. Make voice and video calls from your browser with
    2. Recognize text from scanned PDFs using

    Large File Sharing and Peer-to-Peer Transfer

    1. Share really big files online using
    2. Transfer files directly between devices in the same network without an intermediary using

    Free Kindle Books and Grammar Checking

    1. is the site to go to for downloading free Kindle books.
    2. Check your writing for spelling, style, and grammar errors with

    Online Music Notation and Language Translation

    1. Print music sheets and compose your own music online with
    2. Translate web pages, PDFs, and Office documents using

    Painting and Site Discovery

    1. Create paintings and sketches with a variety of brushes on
    2. Discover new sites that are similar to the ones you already like using

    Mind Mapping and Color Ideas

    1. Create mind-maps and brainstorm ideas in the browser with
    2. Get color ideas and extract colors from photographs with

    Graphic Design and Search Assistance

    1. Create beautiful graphics, presentations, resumes, and more with readymade template designs on

    Lazy Search Assistance and Song Discovery

    1. When your friends are too lazy to use Google, comes to the rescue.
    2. Discover the name of a song with

    Google Search History and Free Online Fax

    1. View all your past Google searches at
    2. Send an online fax for free using

    Instant Chat Room and Self-Destructing Notes

    1. Set up your own private chat room in seconds with
    2. Create text notes that will self-destruct after being read at

    Domain Name Search and Image Compression

    1. Quickly search for domain names for your next big idea at
    2. Compress images on the fly (offline as well) with

    Website Status and Performance Analysis

    1. Find out if your favorite website is offline at
    2. Use to measure your site performance and web vitals.

    Website Analytics and Slang Definitions

    1. Find the web hosting company, email provider, and more about a website with
    2. Discover definitions of slangs and informal words at

    Flight Seat Consultation and Web Project Playground

    1. Consult before choosing a seat for your next flight.
    2. Use as a playground for building web projects in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    Flight Status and Custom Google Maps

    1. Track flight status at airports worldwide with
    2. Create custom Google Maps with scribbles, pins, and custom shapes at

    Email Scam Detection and Touch-Typing Practice

    1. Find out if that email offer you received is real or another scam with
    2. Master touch-typing and improve your typing speed at

    To-do List and Meeting Notes

    1. Use as a beautiful to-do app and task manager.
    2. Quickly capture effective notes during meetings with

    Animated Presentations and Online Accounts Connection

    1. Turn Google Slides into animated GIF presentations and videos with
    2. Connect all your online accounts with

    Username Search and Secret Text Notes

    1. Search for your desired username across hundreds of social networks and domain names with
    2. Create anonymous and secret text notes and much more with

    Maths Solver and Animated Video Creation

    1. Solve algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and other Maths problems with detailed step-by-step explanations at
    2. Create engaging whiteboard videos and presentations with your own voice overs at

    Code Beautifier and One-Page Websites

    1. Make your source code readable with, supporting various languages.
    2. Build one-page fully responsive websites that look good on every screen with

    Stunning Video Presentations and Easy Podcasting

    1. Make stunning video presentations with voice narration using
    2. Easily record a podcast you can distribute on iTunes without paying for hosting with

    Language Learning and Social Media Management

    1. Learn to speak various languages with
    2. Easily post and schedule updates on various social networks with

    Disposable Email and Comic Strip Creation

    1. Create disposable email addresses for sign-up forms using
    2. Create your own comic strips with your own characters using

    Twitter Bots and Meditation Learning

    1. Create your own Twitter bots that can auto-reply, DM, follow people, and more with
    2. Learn the art of meditation and reduce stress, focus more, and sleep better with

    File Upload Forms and Online Courses

    1. Receive files from anyone in your Google Drive with File Upload Forms at
    2. Discover a directory of free online courses offered by universities worldwide at

    Virtual Museum and DIY Guides

    1. Discover museums, famous paintings, and art treasures from all around the world with
    2. Find step-by-step guides on how to build anything and everything at

    Data-Driven Graphics and Product Mockups

    1. Make data-driven graphics, charts, and infographics with
    2. Create interactive wireframes and product mockups with

    Custom Stock Photos and Bite-Sized Courses

    1. Make your own stock photographs in high-resolution with
    2. Take bite-sized courses on a variety of topics, chapters are delivered by email every morning at

    App Development and Rich-Text Emails

    1. Build your own apps (sample) for Android and iOS by dragging blocks instead of writing code with
    2. Send rich-text emails with Gmail mail merge at

    Product Recommendation and Mock Data

    1. Get the best product recommendation for anything you need on the Internet at
    2. Download mock data to fill the rows in your Excel spreadsheet with

    Digital Whiteboard and Search Engine

      1. Use as a digital whiteboard for teams to collaborate during online meetings and classes.
      2. A clean alternative to Google search that doesn’t track you on the Internet is

        Location Identifier and Free Movies

        1. Find the postal address of your current location on Google maps with whereami.
        2. Enjoy a huge collection of free movies curated from YouTube at

        Freelancer Hiring

        1. Find freelancers and subject experts to work on any kind of project at

    The internet is an incredible place filled with tools, services, and websites that help us in our daily lives. Whether you’re looking to learn a new language, find a handy tool for your work, or simply pass the time, you’re sure to find a website on this list that will assist you.

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